AGRISETA Courses | Petra Institute of Development
Purpose of Qualification
Learning Outcomes
The Higher Certificate is designed to provide access to higher education for many experienced and skilled ECD practitioners and trainers who do not have recognised qualifications. The purpose of this qualification is to:
  • Develop ECD ETD practitioners (e.g. home-based, centre- and school-based practitioners including Grade R, family and community ECD motivators, fieldworkers, facilitators, trainers and managers) to provide appropriate education, training and development services in the ECD sub-field.
  • Enable ECD ETD practitioners to use their knowledge of child growth and development from birth to nine years and relevant national policies to guide their professional practice in the ECD sub-field.
  • In order to achieve the exit outcomes of this qualification, learners need the following knowledge and skills equivalent to NQF Level 4:
  • the ability to read, write and use written resource material for learning and teaching in at least two South African languages;
  • the ability to understand fundamental mathematical/numeracy concepts;
  • the applied competence outlined in the core unit standards at Level 4:
  • Facilitate Active Learning in ECD Programmes,
  • Facilitate Healthy Development in ECD Programmes, and
  • Manage the ECD Learning Programme.
  • Mediate active learning in an integrated and holistic learning programme.
  • Facilitate learning and development of children with barriers to learning and other special needs, including those coping with abuse and violence, within an inclusive anti-bias approach.
  • Promote the safety and healthy development of each child.
  • Work with colleagues, families and community systems to develop each child`s potential as fully as possible.
  • Manage a well-planned and organised learning programme to meet the needs of individual children within the framework of the national school curriculum (where appropriate).
  • Select and use appropriate methods and procedures for assessing children`s progress and reporting on this to parents.
  • Promote the development of high quality ECD programmes and services.
  • Enrol for the course