AGRISETA Courses | Petra Institute of Development
Purpose of Qualification
Learning Outcomes
This qualification provides learners with a comprehensive base of portable skills that will enable them to progress within all spheres of the horticultural industry. This qualification forms an integral step in the career paths of the various disciplines in ornamental horticulture and follows on from the NQF Level 1 Certificate. For those already employed in the industry, this qualification will offer learners the opportunity to hone their skills and receive recognition for their competencies.
The industry will encourage potential Learners to embark on this qualification as it has universal relevance to the industry and is nationally recognized.
  • Identify the different organisms of the plant kingdom and their uses in horticulture.
  • Identify the different soil types and describe their uses in plant propagation and landscaping.
  • Operate a manual irrigation system and schedule the applications to suit the plants water requirements.
  • Utilise stem cuttings for the propagation of plants.
  • Implement the appropriate care for ornamental plants.
  • Identify ornamental plants commonly used in the workplace.
  • Enrol for the course