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Purpose of Qualification
Learning Outcomes
In particular, people credited with this unit standard are able to:
  • Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of an outcomes-based assessment system,
  • Plan and prepare for moderation,
  • Conduct moderation,
  • Advise and support assessors,
  • Report, record and administer moderation, and
  • Review moderation systems and processes.
  • The credit calculation is based on the assumption that learners have previous assessment experience when starting to learn towards this unit standard, and in particular, recognition for the unit standard: NLRD 115753: "Conduct outcomes-based assessments". It is recommended that candidates should achieve NLRD 115755: "Design and develop outcomes-based assessments" before attempting this unit standard: It is further assumed that the person has evaluative expertise within the field in which they are moderating assessments.
  • Moderation to address the design of the assessment, activities before, during and after assessment, and assessment documentation.
  • Moderation to include assessments of candidates with special needs and for RPL cases. Where assessments do not include special needs or RPL cases, evidence for this may be produced through scenarios.
  • Evidence must be gathered for on-site and off-site moderation.
  • Evidence must be show candidate-moderators are able to moderate in situations where:
  • - The moderation process confirms the assessment results, and where - The moderation process finds it cannot uphold the assessment results.
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